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When You Cant Paint Part 1: Tape WallPaper

Whether painting is strictly forbidden in your lease, or youre just not willing to paint a place that you might be leaving at a moments notice, many of us in temporary digs end up living with white walls. Now theres nothing wrong with white walls. They can look great with the right decor. Ill even be posting some white wall living inspiration in the future, but if those white walls are starting to bore you, dont fret. There are plenty of non-paint options. Today were going to explore what you can do with a simple roll of washi or masking tape (which are essentially the same thing, except washi tape is adorable because everything is cuter in Japan). Jenny of Little Green Notebook, created a faux diamond wallpaper with four rolls of aqua washi tape.

you can find the how to here. I havent found very many other examples of people using this method, but I found plenty of pattern inspiration (I was considering doing this on the walls in our last place, so Ive already done some inspiration hunting).

herringbone via apartment therapy

 starburst via 4men1lady

striped hexagons via depositphotos

1. Chevron Print via Schumacher 2. Ikat Zig Zag via Royal Design Studio 3. Hexagon Weave via DecorPad 4. More Chevron via Spoonflower

Obviously these are just a few options. You could always go with stripes or zig zags, or maybe even polka dots if you have a craft punch. Geometric patterns made up of straight lines are going to work best, since tape is essentially just a straight line. Something simple like the diamond pattern might work for a whole room, but for a more complicated design I would suggest just doing an accent wall. When it comes to tape selection, the options are pretty much endless.

Theres every color of washi tape imaginable, via Happy Tape

And all manner of printed washi tape as well. These are pretty basic patterns. but you can get lots of cute illustrated ones as well, via Cute Tape.

Scotch tape is even making decorative masking tapes now. I found 4 solid colors and 2 patterned versions (one not pictured). via Office Depot This is by no means the ultimate list of tape sources. Just do an etsy search for washi tape, and you will find yourself 5 hours later still scrolling through the options. Just remember that this kind of project is only advised with masking and washi tape. Duct tape, and other types of tape could end up damaging your walls. Im still thinking about trying this in our new house. If you end up creating your own version of this project, send me a picture or link. I would love to see your results and feature you on Temporary Digs.  
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