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Wall Mounted TV with Hidden Cords

Over the weekend we mounted our TV, and sunk the wires into the wall. This isnt really going to be a tutorial, because we used kits (will provide links) for both projects, but I did take some process shots.

tv before

This is the before shot. I actually didnt mind it like this (aside from the fact that it was a little messy that day), but my husband really likes mounted TVs, and since I dont really have much of an opinion on the subject, mounted TV it was. My only requirement was that he sink the wires into the wall, because I didnt want to have a bunch of ugly wires hanging down below the TV like we did in our last place.

attaching wall mount

We used this mounting system, which comes with full instructions. It  mounts very close to the wall, and we ended up deciding not to use the safety straps after my husband poked himself in the eye with a wire hanger trying to get the TV off the wall. (Insert picture that I forgot to take of the TV mounted on the wall before we sunk the wires whoops. Im slacking guys. Sorry) We used this kit to hide the wires in the wall. Now we may actually be violating the terms of our lease my doing this, Im not sure. It does require cutting two sizable circles out of the drywall we should be able to patch them back in and paint over them when we move out, but if you arent willing to take that risk, then Ill be giving you some alternatives at the end of this post.

holes in the wall

So, like I said, the kit comes with a circular drywall cutting tool. You cut two holes, one hole behind where the TV will be, and another down by where your outlets/dvd players/gaming consoles/etc are. In our case the lower hole will be covered by our media console thingy (technical term).

wires coming out of top hole wire coming out of bottom hole

The kit comes with a hook to help pull the wires through the wall, and these white plastic covers to make things a little prettier. The top one even has an electrical outlet in it that you can plug the TV into.

behind the tv

This picture shows that when they say flat mount, they arent kidding. This thing is practically one with the wall.

tv mounted

and the after. Look Ma, no ugly cords. I know that the TV isnt centered over the media console, were actually planning on moving the console over so that the right side lines up with the right edge of the TV, and then maybe mounting some shelves or hanging some art on the left side. Looking at this, Im even kind of tempted to do another IKEA leg makeover but thats for another day. As promised here are a few alternatives for those of you who dont want to cut circles out of your drywall. 1. You could just leave your TV on a media stand. Really, it looks fine, and its a lot less effort. 2.  You can get a wire cover like this.

wire cover

3. You could try to prettify them like Jen of InsideWays did. [tutorial]


And a few ideas that I dont have pictures of, but I still think might work: – you could wallpaper a piece of plywood, cut out a hole for the TV mounting device, attach the plywood to the wall, and have the wires run underneath it. – you could try strategically leaning or hanging framed art work around and under your TV to conceal the cords. If you have any other ideas about how to hide not so attractive TV cords, please share them in the comments.  
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