Throw pillow cover from pillow case

I intended to make an envelope pillow case like this, but I like to wing it. That usually works for me. This time, not so much. I did end up with a decent usable pillow, but Im probably going to need to add a few buttons to keep it closed all the way. So this is not a tutorial do not do what I did. Go find a tutorial and follow it, and youll probably end up much less frustrated than I was. Having said that, heres what I did.

king sized pillow case

I took a king sized pillowcase

ironIroned out the wrinkles

measure and markMeasure and marked

made my cuts

Made my cuts

iron and pin

Ironed, pinned and sewed the raw edges, then sewed up the one open side seam.


Flipped back the extra flap of fabric, and sewed it to the side seams.

put in pillow

So heres how it works: you put the $3 DIY pillow insert (which you recently made) into the pillow case, making sure that the bottom corners get stuffed in there right.

pillow flap

Then you  take that flap thats sewn on the inside, and bring it up over the top of the pillow.


Ta-Da. This is where Ill probably make an alteration.  Ill add a couple of buttons to make sure that theres no gaping.


Luckily I can just turn the pillow upside down, and have the opening facing towards the back, and no ones the wiser. Again, this is NOT the best way to do this, but luckily I was able to make it work. Im thinking I might actually follow some directions for my next pillow. Speaking of, exactly how many pillows do you think a large sectional like ours needs? Im thinking a whole lot. A DIY throw pillow roundup may be in order this week.

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