Small Successes and Project Plans

I got the second lamp detached! It was way more simple than I thought it would be. After a little work with a razor blade, I realized that the damn thing wasnt even glued together. I just had to snip apart some of the crappy wiring, unscrew a stubborn nut, and the whole thing just came apart. Check this out, no breakage like the first one.

lamp bottom

Im still not sure I can bring myself to drill into the lamp itself, so I think Im  going to re-purpose part of the original base.

lamp base

Im going to clean it up, paint it and have my father in law drill a hole in the side for a cord (we dont have the right kind of drill bit). Then Ill  just rewire it and screw the whole thing back together. I will post all the dirty details.

Other projects on the to-do list:

I want to turn these into lamps as well. Ill be taking them to my FIL for some help too. I really should have taken pictures of this thing disassembled so that I could better explain the changes I plan to make. There will be a hole drilled in the side of the base for a cord. and a hole drilled through that plate that currently has the candle spike on it. (yes I know that one of those magnifying glasses is missing its screw, but I know its somewhere in this house I just have to find it)

I want to use either an Edison bulb, or one of these Flame Candelabra Bulbs.

edison bulbs

I got these lanterns at Daiso (which also happens to be where I got the background paper) a few years ago, and theyve started to yellow a bit. Thats fine, because I never really like the color in the first place. Luckily the glass pops out really easily, so Im going to spay paint them like I  mentioned in my bathroom plans post.

white lanterns

My Grandmother in law got me this jewelery box 2 Christmases ago, and I have yet to really use it. Im thinking about refinishing or painting it, and doing the inset hearts a different color, removing the flower decal from the front window, and maybe changing out the hardware. I think it would make a nice addition to my night stand, since my nightstand doesnt have any storage/drawers.

jewelery box


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