DIY Fabric Design with Stained by Sharpie Fabric Markers

Im not receiving any compensation from Sharpie for reviewing this product, I just saw it and wanted to try it.

black, green, blue and red fabric markers

Did you know that Sharpie makes fabric markers now? Apparently theyve been making them for awhile, but I just discovered them for the first time last weekend. I picked up 2 boxes of the Stained by Sharpie 4 count packages, though now I really want to try out the 8 count, because I really like the additional brighter colors.

8 count package

My first attempt was to draw on knit tee shirt fabric.

test doodles on knit fabric

I discovered that if you pull the fabric really taught (I used a small embroidery hoop), it gives you much more control over the markers, and theres less bleeding.

But I found that the best fabric to use with these markers is a woven fabric with very little stretch or texture. I used part of an old white sheet. I wrapped a piece of board in craft paper, and then pulled the fabric taught around the board and taped it in place. Im not much of an artist, so I stuck with straight lines, because one thing I can do is use a ruler.

finished fabric

The markers seem best suited for line art rather than large areas of filled with color. As you can see the coverage of the filled in diamonds isnt entirely even. I also had some issues with keeping the pressure even, which led to blotches/dots. SomeoneĀ  more experienced with sketching/art in general might have more luck than I did. Overall Im pretty happy with how well my fabric turned out, flaws and all. I kind of like that it isnt perfect.

fabric details

I hear that the color holds up well in the wash, but I havent had a chance to test that out yet. I dont know what Im going to do with this piece of fabric, but I do plan on buying some additional colors to make custom throw pillows.

In completely unrelated news:

joe sorren card

I got my final trading card to complete series A of Joe Sorrens trading cards. Im going to need an additional frame to frame them all. Hopefully I can pick that up this weekend. In other awesome Joe Sorren news, the Kickstarter is fully funded (with 48 hours left to go), so there will be a series B and C. I already purchased a few packs of series B. Exciting!!!

Also exciting I got myself a new toy. I bought a Silhouette Portrait with the Fabric Package Bundle using the promo code found here (its good until 5/31). I got a great deal on it, and I cant wait until it gets here! Im gong to be pinning Silhouette projects all week. If youve got a Silhouette, leave me a comment with links to some of your projects. Id love to see how other people have used theirs.

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