Playing with Color Palette Generators for Decorating

Ive been thinking a lot about what colors I want to use in my house. For now Im just focusing on the living room. I currently have a dark grey couch in there, a black entertainment center, white walls and milk chocolate colored carpet Not a super interesting/fun combination. I do however have a pillow (that I made, and plan on making another with the same fabric) and two lamps that I know I want to use in that room, so I thought it would be fun to run the colors through a few color palette generators to get a better idea of what other colors might work in the room.

Pillow and lamp

On the left is the image of the pillow fabric, and on the right is one of the yellow lamps that I plan on rewiring on a background similar to the color of our sofa.

I can tell you right now that none of the pallet generators came up with a scheme I absolutely loved, but I did get some useful ideas to work with.

    css drive color palette

 CSS Drive Colors Pallet Generator

pictaculous color generator


patorjk color palettepatorjk: image to color palette generator

Kuler color palette generator

Kuler from Adobe. Go to Create>From an Image

genopal pic 2 color palette generatorGenopal Pic2Color

colr color palette generator

colorhunter color palette generator

Color Hunter

big huge labs color palette generatorBig Huge Labs Color Palette Generator

aminus3 and degraeve palettesleft: Aminus 3 Color Scheme Generator right: DeGraeve Color Palette Generator

palette that I created in photoshop

and finally, I made this one in photoshop using the eyedropper tool, and I only noticed after the fact that it looked very similar to the adjusted Kuler palette.

Obviously I plan on using more than five colors in my living room, but I actually found the color palette generators pretty helpful in getting an idea of what to look for in textiles and accessories (and maybe even a no damage wallpaper).

What do you think of the color generators? What about my photoshop made color palette? Are there any colors you think I should add or ditch?

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Small Successes and Project Plans

I got the second lamp detached! It was way more simple than I thought it would be. After a little work with a razor blade, I realized that the damn thing wasnt even glued together. I just had to snip apart some of the crappy wiring, unscrew a stubborn nut, and the whole thing just came apart. Check this out, no breakage like the first one.

lamp bottom

Im still not sure I can bring myself to drill into the lamp itself, so I think Im  going to re-purpose part of the original base.

lamp base

Im going to clean it up, paint it and have my father in law drill a hole in the side for a cord (we dont have the right kind of drill bit). Then Ill  just rewire it and screw the whole thing back together. I will post all the dirty details.

Other projects on the to-do list:

I want to turn these into lamps as well. Ill be taking them to my FIL for some help too. I really should have taken pictures of this thing disassembled so that I could better explain the changes I plan to make. There will be a hole drilled in the side of the base for a cord. and a hole drilled through that plate that currently has the candle spike on it. (yes I know that one of those magnifying glasses is missing its screw, but I know its somewhere in this house I just have to find it)

I want to use either an Edison bulb, or one of these Flame Candelabra Bulbs.

edison bulbs

I got these lanterns at Daiso (which also happens to be where I got the background paper) a few years ago, and theyve started to yellow a bit. Thats fine, because I never really like the color in the first place. Luckily the glass pops out really easily, so Im going to spay paint them like I  mentioned in my bathroom plans post.

white lanterns

My Grandmother in law got me this jewelery box 2 Christmases ago, and I have yet to really use it. Im thinking about refinishing or painting it, and doing the inset hearts a different color, removing the flower decal from the front window, and maybe changing out the hardware. I think it would make a nice addition to my night stand, since my nightstand doesnt have any storage/drawers.

jewelery box


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