Joe Sorren Trading Card Kickstarter

If you follow me on twitter then you probably already know how excited I am about this.

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old town shops mural with trading card

I actually got to trade for this card the one night I was in Flagstaff, so I had to get a picture of it up next to the original mural.

Series A was pretty cool all by itself. Joe Sorren is my all time favorite artist, and being able to actually own pieces of his art, even if they are just 2.5×3.5, makes me incredibly happy. Ive already collected almost all of the first series. Once a few trades come in, Ill only need two more cards to complete series A.  And once I get those,  I have a fun trading card display/framing project planned (all the supplies are already purchased). But this kickstarter, I am so  freaking excited about this! Theres going to be a plushie! And that scarf! Oh, and, you know, way more trading cards! Im going to get up early Friday morning, and just keep refreshing until they post the kickstarter link and then Im going to spend too much money though probably not as much as Ill want to.

Side Note: From what I hear, Joe is a super cool guy. I personally have never met him the one time I was in the same room as him I fangirled so hard that I had to go hide in a corner, but hes played music with my dad, and back when he was an unknown artist he did a piece for my stepmoms shop, and I know about a dozen other people who are buddies with him. In other words, if you like cool art, and cool artists, but youre on an art budget, you should totally check out Joe Sorrens trading cards.

Blog Note: I dont want to get too personal here, but Ive been struggling with some health issues, and I found out today that Ive apparently been fighting off an infection for the last few weeks, so the house related projects and blogging are suffering a little bit. To be completely honest, my house is a wreck, and Im lacking the energy to do much about it. Im not quitting, or even taking a break from blogging, Im just a little slow right now, so please have patience with me while I recover and get back up to speed. I love making stuff and blogging, I just happen to love lying on my couch and/or sleeping slightly more at the moment.

Once again, thanks for caring enough about me, or my house, or my ideas, or my blog to even be reading this. It gives me the warm fuzzies, and I need those right now.

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