Ive been out of town for the last 3 weeks, but Im back home now and ready to get back down to home related projects. I just have to get a few things in order first.

zuko in his kennel

Doggies have already adjusted to being back home, but those kennels need some assembling.

full dishwasher

I had the foresight to do all of the dishes before I left but not to put them all away. Whoops.

dusty window sill dusty floor

When I left, this place had just had a thorough scrub down. Unfortunately we live in a very dirty/dusty/windy town, and our windows and doors arent all that well sealed. Im constantly trying to keep the dirt under control, but three weeks with no maintenance and our windowsills and floors around the doors are filthy. Its really not helping my allergies/asthma at all.


Unpacking all of the clothes that I bought while I was in a place that actually had some decent shopping. (only one of those bags is mine, I didnt shop THAT much).


Gotta find space for all these gluten free foods that I brought back with me. Including the two huge bags of quinoa that I got as a belated birthday present (one from my dad, one from my stepmom). I can probably eat quinoa everyday for the next six months without having to replenish my supply.

table full of boxes

A table full of boxes, 3 of which are filled with surprise goodies that will soon be revealed.

phone booth


Hey look, something home decor relevant! The phone booth that I stole from my mother in law. Technically she was getting rid of it, and I needed it in my life, so she gave it to me which is also what happened with the three boxes of surprises.

The list of things that I want to do this weekend probably exceeds what can actually be done in one weekend, but a few things Im hoping to look for are: plants and a structure to protect those plants from the aforementioned wind, pillow inserts and pillow fabric, frames, lamp rewiring kits, lamp shades, a drill bit for metal, stacking baskets for our nightstands, window coverings, a big ole jar for my new stash of quinoa, and about a billion other things.

Im so excited to be home and able to work on my house again!

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