I need a new workspace

So, Im loving my new silhouette portrait. Ive spent hours coming up with prototypes for card designs, and Im hoping to maybe open an etsy shop in the next couple of months.

A few examples:

happy birthday slider card

paper nesting dolls

opening iris card

This last design isnt mine. You can find instructions for it here.

I even came across this amazing find.

letterpress starter kit

$26 down from $70! The amazing thing is that I had JUST been looking at this exact kit, but I couldnt find anywhere online that had it in stock Im wondering if its maybe been discontinued. But I got one! And I got it at a GREAT price. I just ordered a Cuttlebug* to use it with.

*Side Note: Oddly enough, when I ordered my Cuddlebug yesterday from Amazon, it wasnt eligible for prime shipping, and it also wasnt $69.99.  It was $53 with $10 shipping. So while I saved a few dollars, I could have had it by Tuesday if Id ordered it today, but instead Ill have it sometime between the 20th and 25th. I dont know how I feel about saving a couple bucks vs having to wait longer. Im not that patient of a person.

But back on topic I need a new workspace.  Ive got all these new supplies, and Ive been spending a couple hours a day either designing on my computer, or paper crafting, but this is the the area that Im working in

floor work area

computer work area

My living room is a mess. Its impossible to keep anything organized, and hunching over to work all the time is killing my back. A few days ago I asked on the FB spouse page for our base if anyone was selling a desk, and I found two that met my needs and then they both ended up not selling the desks. So now Im trying to decide what to do. I dont want to spend anymore than $50 on a desk, which pretty much leaves me with the options of finding one used (which hasnt worked out so far), buying a flat pack one, which probably wont be great quality, or making my own.

As far as making my own goes, it wouldnt be anything too complex, because I dont have the tools or the know how for that. But Im thinking about doing something like this

Not Donna Reed Desk

from So Not Donna Reed or similarly, this

bookcase craft table

from Organize and Decorate Everything

I think Ill probably head out today looking for options and hopefully find something. If I do, my next post will be a cleaning up the mess that is my living room and (possibly making and) organizing my new workspace post. Otherwise my next post is going to be a how to frame trading cards with a side of oh, my aching back.

If youve got any ideas other than the ones Ive mentioned for a decent workspace, please let me know. Likewise if youve got any pro tips for using my new toys (Silhouette, letterpress kit and Cuddlebug) leave me a comment, and Ill love you forever. Actually, if you just read my blog Ill love you forever but comments make me happy.

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