DIY coffee table inspiration

I am determined to DIY rather than buy a coffee table for our living room. I dont really like anything that Im seeing in stores (style or price), and honestly I think it would be much more fun to build my own. We dont have a proper wood shop or anything, but I think weve got enough tools for what I have in mind. These are the current contenders:

wire coffee table

This is by far the easiest option. Id replace the acrylic sheets with a custom cut piece of glass or wood, and maybe make it longer by adding another V shaped base. [instructions]

hairpin coffee table

Next up is a pretty easy option as well. Take a nice piece of wood and slap some hairpin legs on it. So simple and so perfect. [instructions]

herringbone hairpin coffee table

If I wanted to get a bit fancier, I could do a herringbone pattern for the table top. Oh how I love me some herringbone though Im not entirely sure that I have the tools and/or skills to pull it off. [instructions]

cb2 herringbone coffee table

I could also do something like this. Same table top idea, different legs. This one is actually from CB2, but I think I could make it as long as I could get the  herringbone top figured out. Legs like that cant be too hard to come by or make, right?

The next two are IKEA hacks. Ill be close to an IKEA next month, so I could conceivably pick up any needed parts.

lerberg leg coffee table

Easy option this one is just a board mounted on some Lerberg trestles.  [source]

concrete coffee table

Finally, and this one may currently be my favorite, is a concrete topped coffee table. Ive never made a mold for or poured concrete before, but my best friend has, so hopefully she could talk me through it if we decide on this one. The base is an IKEA Klubbo. [instructions]

I probably wont get around to starting on this for at least another month, so I may end up finding even more options by then, but whats your favorite of the ones that Im currently considering?

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8 thoughts on “DIY coffee table inspiration

    • It might be time to reconsider you life choices when your mothers first concern is that you will get drunk and fall on your concrete coffee table.

    • This inspires me to make my own coffee table. I never thought about it but Im sure my hubby would love to help me build one and we have been talking about getting rid of our old one. I like the first one because of the storage but Im not so in love with the look of it. The last one looks really nice. Have you seen any with more storage options? We have a lack of storage space in our abode.

    • Thanks, I will probably take you up on that if we end up going that route. I havent even consulted A on the whole thing yet, but I think hed be down with a concrete coffee table too, as long as we can easily transport the base back from PHX.

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