Bathroom Monochromatic Mini Mood Board and Plans

I had grand plans of creating an elaborate bathroom mood board, but Im feeling pretty sick this morning, so youre getting this instead.

I already own the shower curtain, but thats just about the only attractive thing in my bathroom at the moment. Im going for a nautical, but not over the top, theme. I think that these Ikat link bath towels would look great hanging next to my shower curtain. The Squid vs. The Whale print is going to end up in my house somewhere, so why not hang it over the toilet, right? I want to add more color to the bathroom too. The shower curtain is actually a little greener than it looks in the picture, so Im on the hunt for the perfect light sea foam green bath mat (which is surprisingly hard to find), and Ive got three cheapo white metal lanterns that Im thinking about spray painting (maybe red or yellow) and hanging in the window.  I also really have my heart set on making a fake porthole and having something peeking into my bathroom through it, though I havent really worked out the logistics of that one yet. That covers about 2/3rds of the bathroom, I have no idea what Im going to do with the rest of it. I could probably start by cleaning and organizing that makes everything look better.

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