I Love Lamp, Part 1

I dismembered a lamp today, and Ill admit that I had more fun doing it than any adult ought to.

yellow lamps

I bought these lamps awhile ago if two years can be considered awhile. I saw them at St. Vinnies, and I fell in love. That love only deepend when I was informed that it would only cost me $15 for the pair. The bases were ugly and the old yellowed wiring looked easily combustible, but I still needed them in my life. So I bought them, and then they sat in our junk room until we moved. When all of our stuff arrived at our new house, and I opened the box containing these lamps, I found that one had broken off its base. I would usually be pretty miffed by movers breaking my stuff, but I had always wanted to find a way to get the lamp body off of that ugly brass base, so they kind of did me a favor. Now if I could only find a way to break my other lamp in the exact same way .

broken lamp

This is what the broken lamp looked like before I dissected it with the enthusiasm of an 8 year old hacking apart a broken clock radio.

cutting top cord

First I detached the light socket and neck* from the rest of the lamp. There was a brief second where I worried that an unplugged lamp could still electrocute me and then I just got embarrassed for myself. * yes, those are the technical names, and yes, I did have to look them up.

Once the socket was removed it was easy to slip the lamp body off of the base. This is what was revealed.

Speaking of removing the body, the only reason the body became detached from the base was because a few pieces at the very bottom had chipped off (I found them rattling around inside the lamp). Im trying to figure out how to replicate this effect with the second lamp without totally destroying it. Any ideas on how to accomplish that would be greatly appreciated.

I was having a hard time figuring out how to remove the pipe from the base, so I decided to rip the paper off the bottom and see what I could find in there. Once I did that, the rest of the disassembly was easy. I just pulled the wire out of the pipe, and then out of the base itself. The pipe came out of the bottom as well.

all lamp parts

These are all the parts laid out. The wire and old socket will absolutely be trashed. The pipe seems like a necessity, so it stays. I havent decided yet whether or not to keep the neck and base parts. If I do, theyll need a make over, because I dont like the brass.

This last picture is totally unnecessary, I just really like the way that the lamp body looks without all of those extra parts.

I want to pick up some lamp rewiring kits this weekend, but I still have a few things to figure out:

1. How the hell do I remove that second lamp from its base without causing serious damage?

2. Do I paint the lamps or leave them yellow? Im leaning towards the option that requires less effort plus, I kind of like the color.

3. Should I try to work with the old bases, or find new ones? I would love to just go without a base, but I think the cord would keep the lamp from lying flat, and it would end up unstable and/or broken.

4. If I do stick with the old bases, what should I do with them? Obviously clean them and paint them, but do I try to make them look like another metal (silver, or maybe ORB) or do I go with a color?

Seriously, if you have answers to these questions, GIVE THEM TO ME! please and thank you.

And just a reminder: I switched over from wordpress.com to my own hosting, so please remember to subscribe to this blog, as I will be deleting the wordpress.com one in about a week. Also, thanks for caring enough about me and my house and my blog to actually read this stuff. It gives me warm mushy feelings.

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